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Why is the Mayor and City Council So Interested in Cutting the Library's Budget by 11% This Year?

posted Mar 21, 2010, 2:47 AM by Shannon Salmon   [ updated Mar 21, 2010, 2:57 AM ]
We've been pouring over the numbers over and over again and we just can't figure out why in these times when people need their libraries the most that the Mayor and City Council would want to make such drastic cuts to the library.  We at the most only use 3.5 % of the City's General Fund.  Why cut the most from a department which uses such a small percent of the budget?  It will mean less hours, less helpful staff, less materials, less services like free programs for children and adults.  What does the City gain from this?  What do the people of Los Angeles gain from this?

We've already taken pay cuts, are doing furloughs, and have agreed to early retirements.  How do they expect the libraries to run with more cuts?  What is their plan?  Is free information and literacy important to them?

Please write the Mayor and your City Council Members and ask them these questions?