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S.O.S! More Reduced Hours Begin this Week. Not the End.

posted Apr 11, 2010, 11:43 AM by Shannon Salmon
Library hours have been reduced once more starting on Monday.  We will now only be open 2 nights a week.  This is not in anticipation of the 100 layoffs proposed for July 1st.  This was just to alleviate the hardship caused on our staff from the 20% reduction in workforce that we have already experienced from the hiring freeze and retirements.  On July 1st we are looking at 100 more library workers being laid off bringing us down to 30% of our workforce.  Remember that we have 72 branches and downtown to run.  Our workforce hasn't been down this low since we had around 56 branches to run.  And the 100 layoff is just the beginning.  That was from the first 1000 layoffs that City Council had approved.  They have since approved 4000 City layoffs.  The libraries are heading towards their darkest hours.  Please get the word out.  S.O.S.