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Report from the Mayor's Oscar Party!

posted Mar 5, 2010, 1:41 PM by Shannon Salmon   [ updated Mar 5, 2010, 1:51 PM ]
by Elyse Barrere  --

I arrived at the protest at about 6:20 and found it going full swing.  We were, unfortunately, stuck across the street from the Mayor’s house but at about 60 strong we made up for distance with volume and enthusiasm; and we had more than just City workers with us!  We had chidren, partners and even one of the Teen’Scape teens holding a slightly altered Antonio Villaraigosa “READ” poster.  With all those voices we made some serious noise, some popular chants included “We are L.A”, “8, 6, 4, 2, L.A. works because we do!” and of course “Library services we need!  Without us, kids don’t read.” Later we were told that the people walking on the red carpet could hear us and the microphones of the interviewers inside were picking us up during the celebrity interviews.  Some of our people were able to stand right next to the entrance area handing out flyers and holding their signs for the people entering to see.  There were quite a few news cameras that came over to get footage of us and Roy Stone and Rachel Kitzmann were both interviewed.  Rachel by channel 7 and Roy by many agencies including the BBC.  We held a mock Academy Awards and our own Roy Stone won for best library!  

Around 8pm the group began to break up and when we were down to about 15 people we moved across the street onto the small bit of grass right next to the entrance and we were able to speak directly to the people entering the party; Reminding them to support their city unions, their city services and their city workers.  We asked them to talk to the mayor about the cuts he wants to make and many of them seemed receptive and supportive.   There were still cameras filming us and right then Michelle Rodriguez walked past.  She noticed one of three little girls who had come out with their mother who is an MC at the Sunland Tujunga branch.  They were holding signs and yelling chants with us.  Ms. Rodriguez actually stopped to read our signs and asked us what we were protesting about.   She seemed genuinely interested and said she would look at the flyer we handed her and educate herself.   

Of course we had to head out on a high note.  It was 8:30 and we felt that we had made our point and hopefully had made some people more aware of our cause.