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Monday at 9am City Council Starts Discussing City Budget!

posted May 15, 2010, 11:10 AM by Shannon Salmon
Watch on tv, Internet, or over the phone.  Or go down there and sit in the seats.  It is possible that City Council could even vote on the budget on Monday.  But discussion could be continued to Tuesday and Wednesday.  A few of the Councilmembers on Friday suggested that it was possible to not have any layoffs this budget go around.  Garcetti made a proposal that would at least delay any layoffs for at least 6 months and might even make them unnecessary. He proposed a separate fund be set up that would rely on certain projected money to come in that would be set aside and not spent until needed especially to fund positions.  It sounds like he has the majority of councilmembers behind his motion.  It will be voted on Monday morning.