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Join Bus Riders Union July 1st to protest Mayor's Budget Cuts!

posted Jun 30, 2010, 9:22 PM by Henry Gambill   [ updated Jun 30, 2010, 9:28 PM ]

Thurs. July 1st Action: Save the Library supporters have been invited to unite our protest of library cuts with the Bus Riders protest at the Mayor's Mansion. Information below:

Campaign for Justice Kick-off at the Mayor's Mansion

Join Bus Riders Union on July 1st, 2010 for a Day of Action

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa this is YOUR 6:00AM WAKE UP CALL!!!

Join the Bus Riders Union as we kick off our Summer Campaign for Justice at Mayor Villaraigosa’ s Mansion on July 1st at 6am. We will meet at 5:30am on the corner of Wilshire and Crenshaw Blvd and head to the Mayor's mansion to give him a morning wake up call. On this day, 1000's of working class families and families of color across the country will feel the devastating impacts of rent increases, welfare time limits, and unemployment, as well as bus fare increases, major slashes to critical support services and ongoing human rights violations. On July 1st, we want to mark the day that Angelenos will be pushed further into poverty and suffering as a result of the Mayor’s priorities to build shiny cho-cho trains and further militarize our communities. We say enough is enough! Join us bright and early!

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa You Foot the Bill!!!

Later that day, join Bus Riders Union members and key allies as we march back to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’ s Mansion during dinner time to charge him with the bill for the contributions that he has made in creating harsher conditions for Angelenos. These Angelenos include Black, Latino, Asian working class people, students, city workers, tenants, bus riders, homeless people, people on public assistance. As Mayor Villaraigosa is rubbing elbows with contractors and developers, he’s got nothing but his back to give to Angelenos. Enough with the false claim that elected officials like Mayor Villaraigosa are "progressives."
We say enough is enough!

Meet us on Thursday July 1st, at the BRU office on the corner of Wilshire and Western at 5pm to kick off our March towards the Mayor's mansion where we will rally and present ask the Mayor to foot the bill for the added expenses working people can NOT afford as a result of his budget priorities.