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City Refuses to Save Library... We Fight On!

posted Jun 10, 2010, 1:10 AM by Shannon Salmon
The Executive Employee Relations Committee of the City (Mayor, President of City Council Garcetti, President Pro-Tem City Council Perry, Chair of Budget and Finance Committee Parks, Chair of Personnel Committee Zine, City Administrative Officer Santana, Chief Legislative Analyst Miller) voted on Tuesday, June 8, to move forward with Layoffs and furloughs.  These impact the Library more than any other department.

While the Coalition of L.A. City Unions was working hard to persuade the city leadership to recognize the considerable reduction in the deficit created by the savings the Coalition had put forth, the city leadership was dead set against a deal that best serves the Los Angeles community.  It was clear on Tuesday that resolving the city budget crisis was not the priority of the leaders noted above.

As a member of the Coalition, the Librarians’ Guild could not negotiate outside the Coalition.  Since the City has rejected the Coalition’s responsible and carefully thought out proposal, the Librarians’ Guild will now pursue the following:

1. Librarians’ Guild and Clerical Union 3090 will be negotiating with Library and city management about saving library jobs.
2. The Guild’s attorney has already begun reviewing the legal aspect of the City’s action against the library.
3. The Guild will be meeting with Library management about the proposed schedule changes.
4. We will be presenting a variety of concerns related to the current situation, including the process, the extent and the procedure of the still tentative layoffs.

The Coalition of L.A. City Unions will be pursuing legal and other actions.