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10,000 Petition Signatures presented to City Council!

posted Mar 16, 2010, 6:53 PM by Henry Gambill   [ updated Mar 16, 2010, 7:20 PM ]
Over 65 librarians, clerks, MC's, Teen Council members, Friends of the Library association members and other supporters packed City Council chambers this morning to urge the council to save LAPL. One by one, we made our way to the speaking podium and talked about how important our library is for children, teens, adults and seniors. Finally, Roy Stone and Verdel Flores handed over bound copies of the 10,000 petition signatures that all of us collected over these last 2 weeks.

And more council members are responding! Bill Rosendahl rose to his feet and said that the council didn't want to cut LAPL and wished for alternative solutions. Tony Cardenas spoke about the library being an integral part of public safety. Tom LaBonge ended things by saluting the Save the Library supporters in the audience and praised, as he put it, "the great Roy Stone" (President of the Librarians' Guild).

Thanks to everyone who showed up and spoke up for our library! But let's keep our momentum going. Everyone reading this post needs to contact their city council person and urge them to save our library (Councilman LaBonge said that snail mail letters are even more effective!).