City of LA Says "Yes" to Measure L!

Thank you for helping Save our Los Angeles Public Library!

Lucy McCoy, Co-Chair "Yes" on Measure L, writes:
"Tonight [March 8 election] was a vote for keeping our kids safe after school, for helping job seekers get back to work, for seniors looking for a warm place to read and for all the Library goers young and old.  Angelenos have sent a clear message that our libraries are a critical part of the fabric of our community and we need to keep them open.   Thank you to the voters of Los Angeles and for the volunteers that worked day and night the past four months especially the Library staff, Library Foundation and Librarians Guild."


Why Measure L? 
Measure L will increase the library's charter-mandated funds from approximately 1 cent to 3 cents of every $100 of assessed property taxes in the city of LA.
Los Angeles city founders have dedicated charter funds for the library since 1878.
In 1902 and 1924, Los Angeles residents voted to amend the city charter and increase the guaranteed funding for city libraries. On March 8, 2011, we will have that chance again.

That's right. It's been over 85 YEARS since Angelenos last voted on funding our city libraries.

A lot has changed since then. In 1924, 199,341 Angelenos had library cards. Today, several million do. In 1924, Angelenos checked out 4.3 million items from city libraries. Today, we check out over 18 million items a year. In 1924, there were 43 Los Angeles city libraries.  Today, there are 73.

Funding for our city libraries is increasingly threatened. In the past 12 months, library hours were cut three times, staff was reduced by 28%, and our per capital spending on library materials remains among the lowest in the United States.  Measure L provides funding

that will reopen all libraries 6 days a week, purchase library books and materials, and support valuable library programs.

In 1902 and 1924, Los Angeles residents voted, and secured the future of Los Angeles libraries for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

On Tuesday, March 8, we can do the same thing by voting Yes on Measure L.

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