Measure L Facts

Learn the facts about MEASURE L, the Public Library Funding Charter Amendment:

Measure L, the Public Library Funding Charter Amendment, on the MARCH 8, 2011 ballot will increase the Los Angeles Public Library's share of existing city funds.

Measure L also will increase the Library's responsibility for its direct and indirect costs, which include utilities, building maintenance, pensions, and other costs for operation.

Measure L will provide additional funds to:

(1) help restore 6-day service at all libraries and eventually 7-day service at nine neighborhood      libraries

(2) purchase library books and materials

(3) support library programs

Measure L will not require residents or property owners to pay more taxes or fees, but will progressively increase the Library's share of existing funds.
FACT: Los Angeles currently ranks last in per capita spending on library materials among the eight largest U.S. public library systems, according to the Public Library Association's "Public Library Data Service Statistical Report 2010."

FACT: Library hours have been cut 3 times in the past 12 months, reducing library service from 7 days/week to 5 days/week for the first time in the Library's 140-year history.

FACT: Los Angeles Public Library staff has been cut by 28%.

Measure L IS NOT A NEW TAX and its funds are subject to audits.

Measure L requires a simple majority (50%+ 1) of votes to pass.

If approved, new funding could be available as early as July 2011.  Within 4 years, Measure L will increase the Library's Charter-required funding from the current .0175% to a maximum of 0.0300% (approx. 1 cent to 3 cents) of each $100 of assessed tax value on property within the city and provide funds needed to restore 6-day and 7-day a week library service citywide.